Church of Lemons

Pledge your lemon to the Church of Lemons 2023!

The Official Pledge Form

What is the Church of Lemons?

An annual “pledge” challenge starting on Valentines Day, and running for between 2-4 weeks.Followers of the way of the lemon come together to pledge (promises to post) romantic fanworks they create for the event. Fanworks accepted as suitable Church Offerings for 2023: Fanart and Fanfic.

2023 Challenge information:

We want your pledge!I, <insert name here> do solemnly swear to further the cause of OTP romancing (with the goal of bedroom time / baby dancing / full on smexing) by fulfilling my pledge on <insert date here> featuring my OTP from: <Gundam Wing, MHA, SpyxFamily, 86, or Naruto/Boruto>!

Pledge Here

Penalties for missing my pledge may include: disappointment and whining, being whipped by Rose’s vicious Noodle of Death, or, in extreme cases, being named SINNER for Church of Lemons 2024.I may, however, ask the kind Mods and other churchgoers to swap dates if I am in a bind. In times where Rose is feeling magnanimous, there may also be a free-for-all Week of Rapture where we can makeup our pledge.Just don’t be like Viking or Myr - and be months late. No. That’s very bad. Right Viking?Viking: (sits in a box in the corner marked SINNER 2023) Very bad. I was very very bad.

How it works!

Pledge your date. Complete your fanwork. On your pledge date, post to our Ao3 collectionRead / ogle / review & comment on other participants' works. We're a positive, encouraging group, we'll do the same on your pledge date!

The Rules

Featuring het pairings from the following anime / manga / lite novel series: Gundam Wing, Naruto/Boruto, 86, Spy x Family, and My Hero Academia - there's really only one non-negotiable rule:
If Heero and Relena are in the picture or fanfic - they have to be romantically together (cannot be romantically linked to anyone else).
If you want the history as to why we're like this, you can read up on the history of the challenge on Fanlore

Other pairings we love:

86: Shin x Lena
MHA: TodoMomo, Kacchako, Eraser/Mandalay
Naruto/Boruto: KakaSaku, SasuSaku
Spy x Family: Loid x Yor, Damianya
Gundam Wing: Duo x Hilde, Wufei x Sally, Zechs x Noin, and many others!
Other Gundam: Mwu x Murrue

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Thank you

Thank you and happy pledging!